When the Spanish first came to this area of Florida they named the river running into the inlet Jobe, after the native Indians they found there. Later, when English settlers found the area around 1763, Jobe sounded to them like the mythological god Jove, or Jupiter, and the name has stuck ever since. Its most famous landmark, the lighthouse ,was built in the 1800s.

Today Jupiter is known for its beautiful beaches, the Loxahatchee River and the Intracoastal Waterway. Naurally it is a mecca for those who love to get on the water; boating, fishing, surfing, water skiing, scuba and snorkelling opportunities are plentiful. The scuba diving is especially superb, with many coral reefs and artificial reefs and wrecks to choose from. Golf and tennis facilities are also plentiful.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park is famous for its wildlife-alligators, great blue heron, bobcat and deer-you'll find them all and more in this 10,000 acre unspoiled widerness. Between May and August you can take a night time stroll on the beach to catch a glimpse of sea turtles lumbering ashore to lay their eggs. You can learn more about these endangered animals at the Marinelife Center of Juno Beach, close by. Shopping opportunities range from quaint boutiques to large malls. Of course, Palm Beach with all its attractions is only a few miles away, so there's no shortage of fun to be had in this beautiful, sun-soaked area.