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A M E L I A   I S L A N D   &   F E R N A N D I N A   B EA C H


Marshland and savanna ribbon gently through the natural habitat of Amelia Island. The fiddler crab and marsh hen feed on the bounty this productive ecosystem provides, while golfers share in the serene setting. A premier rest-stop for thousands of migrating birds, Amelia Island and the surrounding waters are an ecologically important home to endangered species such as the Loggerhead turtles and Northern Right Whales, which come every year to bear their young. The water is teaming with life - speckled trout, redfish, grouper, tuna, and the loveable manatees, as are the the marshes and forests abundant with ospery, pelicans, bobcats, heron, fiddler crabs, hawks, and owls.