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My Favorite Rides at Universal Studios Escape

My name is Aimi - I am 9 years old and I live in Brighton, England. Recently while on holiday, my family visited the lovely state of Florida and we went to Universal Studios Escape.

Here's what I think are the best rides there:

1.The Spiderman ride was my favorite because it felt that it was real and you could feel all the heat on your face when the baddies shoot things at you and jump out at your face -- it was fantastic!

2. The Jurrasic Park ride because what happened was, you went through the dinosaur park to see all the dinosaurs and you're meant to go the good way but you go the bad way instead ... some of the dinosaurs squirt water at you as you go by. Then you go underneath a huge T-REX and through a dark smokey tunnel and then suddenly AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- an 80 foot drop strait down, and when you get to the bottom you get soaking wet.

3.Twister was really cool. What happens is you go in a room and first this tree splits in half and then a huge flame comes right at you and then the Twister comes and it's really scary, and when you think it's all over the floor falls down!

4. I also liked the Dr. Seus ride. What happened was you went in a cart and the ride told the story of the cat in the hat -- but it wasn't babyish. It also spun you round at the same time.

5. King Kong was also very good. We were in a cable car when King Kong attacked us. The car felt like it was falling because King Kong's arm came under and broke it off it's wires.

I hope you go and have as much fun as I.

Aimi L.