Butcher is a 59 year old landscape photographer who takes pictures in a manner considered obsolete, of a natural wonder widely believed to be disappearing.


this photographer brings awareness into focus
by preserving Florida's natural beauty on film

by Joe Harris

Here is a man fiercely in love with the natural beauty of Florida. And, here is a man passionate about his work. Clyde Butcher, artist, doesn't look through the lens to decide on a picture; he waits patiently until he senses a spiritual connection, until he "feels the picture."

To most, photographer Clyde Butcher is known as the 'Ansel Adams of the Everglades:' a man who spends his time capturing powerful black and white images of Florida's incredible and varied wilderness for all to see. To the many who have seen his photographs, which are quickly judged as works of art, Clyde Butcher is known as the artist who helps us see the incredible beauty hidden in Florida's swamps, rivers, uplands and bays.

While Clyde finds the inevitable comparison to Ansel Adams a compliment, he is quick to point out the differences between Ansel Adams' American West photographs. Says Clyde: "In Florida, everything changes overnight. The clouds, the sky, the light. That's what excites me. You don't find something like this anywhere else in the world."