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Lynne Hyde is a professional astrologer based in Miami. She teaches Lunation Cycle classes for women as well as offering individual counseling

Young, powerful and vibrant, the city of Miami is a fiery place to be, with four planets in Leo! Not surprisingly, the astrological chart of Miami correlates well to the energy that abounds in this tropical paradise.

The sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter were all in the sign of LEO the day the city incorporated, on July 28, 1896. Having four out of the ten planets in one sign gives a very specific focus to this city. The theme of Leo is everywhere. Leo is a fixed, fire sign. Leo is luxury, art and all entertainment. Leo is strong, alluring and magnetic. It is a generous, heart-centered force. It wants to experience the full exuberance and richness of life. Leo will typically respond to events by wondering, "How could I leap into the spotlight in this situation?" or "How is this a chance for celebration?" Leo wants to play and entertain others. It can sustain an incredibly high degree of energy and enthusiasm for a long period of time, even after others are ready to quit.

The city of Miami, warm, sunny and dramatic, always typifies this fire sign. It is the perfect place for the theater and performance. It is no wonder that the TV industry has found a home here. Miami is a place to come for celebration and fun. It is a wonderful place in which to start a love affair. With the sun in conjunction with Venus and Jupiter, heed a note of caution in Miami: be careful that you don't go to excess. The tendency could be to overeat, overdrink, or get too much sun, because with Saturn squaring these planets, there will be a price to pay the next day.

The water element could not be missing from this completely complemental chart! Miami's chart has a PISCES moon. Pisces is sensitive, intuitive, emotional and mystical. Always in Miami there is a feeling of "otherworldliness." There can be a truly Neptunian experience of an altered state of consciousness in Miami and its surrounds, an expansive spiritual awareness for those that boat on its beautiful waters, watching sunsets in awe and reverence over Biscayne Bay. Pisces is the doorway to imagination and fantasy. It symbolizes emotional adaptability and a willingness to merge completely with other people or forces. You will have the urge to merge with others, with nature or with spiritual forces in Miami. It is a place where you come to let go and surrender, a place that offers you an experience beyond yourself.

With LIBRA rising, beauty and harmony are the keys to life here. The tropical breezes offer balance and contentment. The wide water views and large expansive skies are always etched with artistic colors in lush turquoise and soft salmon tones. The beautiful Art Deco architecture and ornamentation are representative of stylish Libra rising in Miami's chart.

Saturn and Uranus join together in Scorpio, giving a deep and intense flair to Miami's exterior. As they're opposed by Mars, there is always the likelihood of unexpected turns of events. Surprises abound, and are often veiled in sensual, seductive garb. There is an alive, erotic quality here, and an emphasis on clarifying and deepening what one values.

If Miami were a person, she would be fun-loving, stylish, bewitching and spiritual. If Leo, Pisces or Libra are strong in your chart, you will feel instantly at home in Florida's most intriguing city.