A   B   S   O   L   U   T   E   L   Y       F   L   O   R   I   D   A       W   E   B   S   O   U   R   C   E

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The Econlockhatchee-
Exotic, unspoiled, wild and just a stone's throw from Orlando

Between the ever-expanding metropolis of Orlando and the great Atlantic Ocean lies an area of Florida which is almost as undisturbed as it was centuries ago. Between State Roads 46 and 50, the serpentine Econlockhatchee River winds eastward through pristine wetlands and ancient forest of giant oaks and cypress, eventually feeding into the north-flowing St. Johns River. Here, visitors who tire of waiting in endless lines to see elaborate man-made attractions, can escape to enjoy the natural beauty of an area just minutes 45 from Disney World.

The Econloxhatchee (locally referred to as the Econ), affords excellent recreational opportunities in a fantastic natural setting. For example, spend several days:

- exploring a working ranch, photographing wildlife from a treetop blind, or relaxing in a fully equipped log cabin.
- paddling leisurely down a beautiful river, spending the night under the stars on a white sand beach with delicious meals provided.
- hiking the cross-Florida trail through the Little Big Econ Forest.

Above, a view of the white sandy banks at Florida Outback's guest ranch.

- horseback riding or taking a lightning fast trip by carefully-captained airboat across a wilderness swamp to observe alligators and other wildlife.

Knowledgeable, expert hosts from Florida Outback(1-800-779-4710, 407-884-1802 or fax; 407-884-6318) can assist planning an itinerary designed to satisfy your individual interests and comfort needs. They also can provide ground transportation, pick-up service, out-of-area campsites and lodging facilities. This organization also guides group trips and corporate team building experiences, many from Europe.

Due to seasonal rainfall changes, the Econ River from SR 50 to 419 is usually difficult to pass. Below 419 to Snow Hill Rd and beyond to the St. Johns River is nearly always passable; it's a State Canoe Trail. Hidden River Camp offers canoe and kayak rentals, drop off and pick up services for hourly or day trips and self-directed campouts.