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Enjoy your float, but keep in mind that the Ichetucknee River is a wild, natural and untamed river. Snakes, alligators and other wildlife live here. Respect for the natural environment will not only enhance your day but make it a safer one also.

All children and non-swimmers should wear a life-saving device. A tube can get away from you when you need it the most.All children should be accompanied on the river by an adult. Wandering off can result in getting lost or possible injury.

All families and groups should remain together at all times. Larger groups could become separated.

For everyone's safety and enjoyment, climbing or jumping from the river banks, trees or docks is prohibited and strictly enforced.

Please Do Not Pull Up Plants!

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Tubing on the crystal clear Ichetucknee River is a unique experience in Florida. Nowhere else can one enjoy the outstanding scenic qualities of the "Real Florida" while floating leisurely on a tube or float. The pristine hardwood hammock, limestone outcrops, wildlife and serenity are a combination of natural values enjoyed by thousands of tubers every year.

Recreational use of the Ichetucknee River has increased substantially since the park was established in 1970. As time passed, biological research proved this heavy use was adversely impacting the stream's vegetation.

Plants are injured or uprooted when tubers and snorkelers grab onto them. Stirring up the bottom with swim fins dislodges the soil-around the plant beds and reduces the clarity of the water.

To aid in preserving the fragile stream, pulling up plants in the river or climbing on trees along the bank is prohibited. When possible, keep your feet away from the streambed to avoid stirring up the sediments.

Since the vegetation is of paramount importance in maintaining the stream's character and wildlife, tubing and snorkeling now are regulated by limiting the number. At this time, 750 tubers a day are permitted on the northern portion of the river between the upper and midpoint tube launches. If further damage occurs, it will be necessary to limit the number even more. (A higher number of tubers are permitted between the midpoint launch and the last takeout.) With cooperation, however, the Ichetucknee will flourish. It is recommended that on weekends and holidays you plan on arriving early.

Tubers are charged an entrance fee at both the south and north entrances. The park opens at 8 a.m. and closes at sunset.

Tubers may turn in rented tubes at the tube drop. The tube drop at the South Area operates from May through September. The midpoint tube drop operates only during peak-use periods. For your comfort, footwear is recommended to prevent burning your feet on the pavement.

Please use the South Entrance and float the lower stretch of the river to lessen the impact on the narrow, shallow reaches of the upper end. This allows you to use the free in-park shuttle which operates from May through September.

Option 1: South Entrance. Float time, 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours. Ride the shuttle or walk to the midpoint put-in, and float to the last take-out. Return by tram to the south parking area.

Alternative: Leave the river at Dampier's Landing and walk to the parking area.

Option 2: South Entrance. Float time, 1 hour. Walk to Dampier's Landing, and float to the last take-out. Return to the south parking area by park tram.

Option 3: North Entrance. Float time 2 hours to Dampier's Landing. Three hours to the last take-out. A shuttle provides transportation back to the North Entrance (for drivers with passes, only) prior to your float.

Ramps into the river allow access from the North Entrance with a secure area to leave wheelchairs. However, the float time from the north to the south entrance is approximately three hours, and the ability to exit the river is limited. During the summer months a shuttle runs from the south entrance to the north entrance.

Ichnetucknee Springs State Park is located four miles northwest of Fort White, off S.R. 47 and 238.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park
Route 2, Box 5355
Fort White, FL 32038
(904) 497-2511

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